Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A survey

I don’t normally do online surveys, (or any kind of survey), but I filled out one today from the marina office re: Mercia marina. Well come on it’s 3 months free mooring fees if your name gets picked out…

The best 2 options were “GOOD” & “VERY GOOD” & I discovered that the worst I could do for any question was “GOOD.”

There was an option to add your own thoughts / improvements on every question. All I could come up with is:

  • Better lighting around the steps.
  • Hurry up building the pub / restaurant.
  • Let’s have a hairdressers & a clothes shop in the shopping mall…

Well, must go, we’re meeting up with the crew of nb Lola at The Dragon pub tonight. Haven’t met them before (in real life) so I’m going to wear a label on my shoulder with HETH written on it. And we’ve been informed that Paul will be sporting a “dark navy t shirt n carrying a blue n red brolly”. Very colourful indeed… 

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