Saturday, 22 September 2012

Who invented slippers?

Well the story goes that it was a guy called Alvin Slipper who sat down one day in 1922 & thought: “I’ve got such a good last name, I must invent something very fitting.”

Then he remembered that some years earlier the Japanese had already invented an Eastern version. Japanese tradition dictates that visitors must remove their shoes when they cross the threshold of someone’s home. So I gather that after a couple of centuries of putting up with sweaty smelly feet about the house, some entrepreneur came up with the idea of slippers. But they weren’t called slippers.

However, this may have cured the not so sweet aroma of sweaty feet, but it created a couple of other problems:

  1. It sort of cancelled out the whole idea of taking your shoes off.
  2. Each home would require several different pairs stacked behind the door to accommodate several different sized feet.
  3. If 2 people arrived with the same sized feet well imagine the stress of it all.
  4. Then there’s the small matter of colour co-ordination. Women would want their “not called slippers” to match their outfit.
  5. Some men might too.

Imagine having a good old knees up party. When people ask the question:

Would you like us to bring anything? The answer would have to be “sod the bottle of wine just BRING YOUR NOT CALLED SLIPPERS.”

So Mr Slipper was onto something, in the western world it might be construed as impolite to ask someone to take their shoes off before entering an abode. Why not take the idea, & give your average Joe a wider range of footwear to choose from? And as a bonus he made his last name famous. Oh, & as far as any partying goes:

 “Sod your slippers just bring the wine.”


Why the heck am I talking about this? Well yesterday we went to return those slippers I bought last week that lied about their size. You know, the one’s I told you about that caused “constipated shuffle syndrome.” It wasn’t Mr Slipper’s fault, it was a Matalan gaff.

So here’s the new one’s…


But they’re not just any old slippers these. They’ve got miniature inflatable dinghy’s in the soles. Which on contact with water automatically inflate, & rise you gently to the surface so that you can walk gracefully out of the canal if you fall in.  

A true bargain at 6 quid, just don’t step in any puddles…

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